Project Management

JKL Mouldings have a dedicated project department meaning we can offer our customers full cradle to grave project management service, each customer is allocated a Project Engineer to be a sole point of contact throughout the project life, with a combined 60+ years experience in the injection moulding sector we can offer full component design input including material selection, component design for manufacture advice and tool specification guidance and sourcing.

The earlier we are involved in the product design stages the more successful the project will be!

Let us guide you through the process.

  • Customer RFQ received
    • JKL quotation returned within customers time frame
        • Example Quotation sheet click here
  • Customer P.O along with component 2D/3D data


  • Stage 1: DFM (Design For Manufacture)
    • The project and Quality team along with nominated tooling supplier conduct a thorough review of the component for injection moulding suitability and feasibility, then feedback any concerns and recommendations / modifications that will improve the component for injection moulding manufacture.
        • Example DFM report click here
  • Stage 2: Mould Flow Analysis
    • A full mould flow analysis is then completed to confirm a stable and repeatable process can be achieved, this study includes the following :
      • Gate dimensional and positional review
      • Fill pattern and pressure study
      • Clamp force prediction
      • Gas trap and weld line prediction
      • Cycle time prediction
      • Warp analysis
        • Example Mould Flow report click here
  • Stage 3: Tool Design
    • Our nominated tooling supplier will generate 2D and 3D tool designs these will be designed using the JKL tooling standards or customer specific tooling standards ensuring the correct machine interface specifics, tool steels, hot runner type/brand and ancillaries are used in the tool construction. The JKL engineering team will then conduct full tool design review to pass off the mould design before manufacture can proceed.
        • Example 2D/3D tool design image click here
  • Stage 4: Tool Manufacture
    • The JKL nominated Project Engineer will issue weekly timing plans and progress images to ensure quoted lead times are achieve to ensure project milestones are adhered to.
        • Example tool manufacture timing plan click here
  • Stage 5: Tool trials and tool maturation
    • T1/T2 trials are conducted by our nominated tooling supplier, trial reports/PFUs (Problem Follow Up) and full ISIRs (Initial Sample Inspection Report) are issued after each trial stage, this ensures and gives confidence that 2D controlled dimensions can be achieved and any tooling maturation issues are resolved before delivery.
    • T3 trials (sign off trials)  a JKL Engineer will be present at the toolmaker to ensure the tool and process is capable before the tool is shipped into our facility.
        • Example PFU and ISIR documents click here
  • Stage 6: Tool shipment
    • We offer Sea or Air freight options. Typical sea freight delivery is 6 weeks with air freight being 2 weeks (From China)
  • Stage 7: UK Trials
    • On tool arrival at JKL our toolroom maintenance team will de-crate and strip clean and fully inspect the mould before it goes into a press for UKT1 trials.
    • Once the trial is planned into the production schedule the nominated JKL Engineer will issue a full trial report along with UK ISIR for the customer, the customer is also always welcome to attend the trials.
        • Example UK trial report click here
  • Stage 8: PPAP (Production Parts Approval Process) submission
    • Once the mould tool has successfully trialled the final approval process can be completed, this will be documents that have been generated through the APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) process which is ongoing throughout the project forming the PPAP submission.
        • PPAP documents are very large and can be classes as sensitive data we can show examples in person if required.
  • SOP (Start Of Production)
      • If all of the above is complete and approved by the customer the project then is handed over to the production team for mass production.

JKL have tooling partners in low cost countries in the Far East, but we also source tooling from suppliers in Europe and the UK depending on the clients specification requirements and budget needs.