JKL Mouldings

Precision Injection Moulding

The Factory

With development in recent years taking the site to over 45,000 Sq feet we have all facilities under one roof.

Our moulding department has 28  moulding machines ranging from 25 – 850 ton.


We have vast experience and knowledge in moulding a wide variety of different commodity and engineering grade polymers.

Our expertise in this field allows us to work closely with our customers at opportunities for cost reductions wherever possible.

Machine List

  • 14 Arburgs 25T – 200T
  • 2 Kraus Maffei 150T – 575T (1 with automation)
  • 1 Engel 90T
  • 10 PowerJet 200T – 850T (all with automation)
  • 1 Negri Bossi 320T (with automation)

We currently manufacture over 500 different components with shot sizes ranging between 3 – 2200 grams.

Production runs can vary from 100 to over 100k.

We have a well equipped tool room which provides post run maintenance on all tools, resulting in more reliable and cost effective production runs.

We also take care of tool modifications and repair work resulting in less downtime

Automation is available on the larger machines to improve cycle times and consistency of parts.

To see first hand what we can do for your business email us now to request a plant visit.